What a miserable Bank Holiday

Today has been a total washout. There has been unrelenting rain all day until about 30 minutes ago. We have been sat indoors and ventured out for a short walk at lunchtime. It was short too; it rained on us all the time we were out.

While walking in the rain, we speculated that most of the people who have gone away for the weekend would be making an early return today (or even yesterday) and thus the traffic would not be too bad. We also speculated that the fair city of Truro (which we know reasonably well at this time of year) would be impossible with most of the holiday makers in Cornwall crowding into its attractions and making life very difficult for the locals.

Ah Well, the next Bank Holiday will see us at the wedding of our son, James to his lovely fiancee Charlotte.

Well, I’m in, but herself seems to be struggling…..

The study swap progresses. I have got my stuff in the house study, but my lady appears to be struggling to get all her stuff in the den. I’m not completely clear why this is, but all my offers of help have been declined.

Two things have emerged though:-

I was asked to transfer the castors from the desk chair in my study to the chair in the Den. This I have done.

I was also informed that we have enough stationery to equip a reasonably sized school, so I am not to buy, pens, pencils, rubbers, staplers without checking the stock of such items.

Two items remain outside, they are a garden chair and a small tramoline. I need to find a home for these two.

All Change Here

The den is no longer mine. In a moment of altruism, I agreed to swap studies. My beloved wanted more space for her quilting – including, it turns out, a quilting frame – and I agreed to have the study inside the house while she moved her stuff into the den.

I am now settled in the study and the den and dining room both appear to be full of stuff that is making its way to the den. I have just volunteered to help move stuff. Will I regret this offer?

It is now!

Well my last post was all wrong. At 07:05 on Friday 8th May 2015, it certainly appears all over. Five years of almost unconstrained Tory rule is upon us. This will be some test of David Cameron’s leadership. 

I also look forward to some interesting comments from the pollsters!

Well it is all over now…… or is it?

The last hustings have been held, the last leaflets pushed through letterboxes and the last appeals made to voters. Now it is our turn. Tomorrow, we vote.

The opinion pollsters seem convinced that we will deliver a hung parliament. In my opinion, that is no bad thing. Any one party with a significant majority ends up as an elected dictatorship.

Like, apparently some 70% of the electorate, I am concerned at the prospect of a minority government, probably, but not necessarily Labour, being propped up by a group of Scottish Nationalist MPs whose leader seems to have a very different view of economic realities from me.

I would like the state to do less, be smaller and to concentrate on the things only the state can do. I want the UK to remain inside the EU, which I believe has brought us many benefits. We must recognise that we are very, very lucky to live in Britain and that we must balance our rights with our responsibilities.

From Friday onwards, I suspect the politicians and the media will concentrate on the who and the how, rather than the what and that the next two weeks will be the most interesting political period of our lives. Let us hope that sense prevails.

Over the next 36 hours, I wish all politicians a period of rest and recuperation. Thank you for your efforts.

Feeling quite pleased with myself

For 31 years my Moto Guzzi has resided in our garage and has been very neglected. About 5 weeks ago I decided to make the effort and see if I could get it going again. Well, today it started. I had it all back together two weeks ago, but it would not start. There was quite a bit of popping and banging so I suspected the timing was off. I didn’t realise how far off it was! I had wired up the right hand ignition to the left hand cylinder. I finally spotted the error when I referred to the handbook that came with the bike and noticed that I had hand written the colours of four wires on a couple of the pictures. Once I had put them back as per my own writing, she started instantly.

Many thanks to Gutsibits who supplied the numerous small parts I needed and to Brian Page for his helpful suggestions last Saturday.

Now I just need to insure it, get it through an MOT test and tax it. Piece of Cake!